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Time With Her – S4:E12


It’s girls time for Jenny Doll and Mishel Dark! Wearing only lingerie designed to whet each other’s sexual appetites, the girls settle in for some spa time. Mishel grabs her nail tools and takes the time to do Jenny’s toenails. That also gives Mishel plenty of opportunities to create a seductive setting with her gentle hands and sweet mouth fondling and blowing on Jenny’s tender feet.When Mishel turns her attention higher, Jenny is her willing subject. Mishel peels Jenny’s bra down and uses every tool at her disposal to fondle her girlfriend’s breasts. Lapping and sucking at Jenny’s hard nipples, Mishel doesn’t leave a single inch of tender skin unexplored. How could Jenny want to do anything less for Mishel in return?The girls relocate to the bedroom, where Jenny lays Mishel down to enjoy the first delightful sensations. Leaning in close, she makes herself cozy between Mishel’s thighs. Lapping and slipping, Jenny spreads Mishel’s pussy juices all over. Mishel brings her feet in to wrap around Jenny’s head and keep her right in the proper spot. As Jenny brings her closer to cumming, Mishel writhes on the bed with her arms and legs moving in sweet spasms.Jenny crawls on top of Mishel to earn her reward for a climax well given. She begins by laying on top of her girlfriend so that her tits are right in Mishel’s face. Taking Jenny up on her salacious request, Mishel once again devours her lover’s lovely titties. Jenny gradually adjusts her position until she is straddling Mishel’s shoulders and leaning backwards with her pussy in Mishel’s face, the perfect position for Mishel to get started lapping at Jenny’s sweet twat.On her back with Mishel between her thighs, Jenny lets her head fall back as her girlfriend keeps her party going. She hums her approval as Mishel brings her off, then reaches out to pull Mishel forward. Mishel arranges herself on top of Jenny in a mirror of the position Jenny has so recently enjoyed with Mishel on the bottom. Her tongue making magic, Jenny goes back to munching that puss.When Mishel turns around, Jenny won’t give up the pussy feast. That’s okay; now Mishel can lean forward and go back to eating Jenny out, too. Their lesbian 69 is sweet and sexy, with tongues working overtime and hands caressing every inch of soft skin they can reach for ultimate satisfaction.Climbing off of Jenny, Mishel arranges herself so that she is pussy to pussy with her love. Jenny is down for that, and soon the girls are rocking their hips together in a scissoring delight. Tribbing is just what they both need to get off one last time, a final orgasm apiece to leave them both oh so content with their girls afternoon together.

Date: March 11, 2023

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